Welcome! The Georgia Native Plant Society (GNPS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the stewardship and conservation of Georgia’s native plants and their habitats. We involve ourselves in all sorts of activities to support our mission. Some of our activities include:

  • Meetings – held every other month, with presentations/speakers at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • Educational activities – workshops, field trips and symposia
  • Grants for research and scholarships
  • Plant Sales
  • Quarterly Newsletter – NativeSCAPE
  • Plant rescues (saving plants threatened with destruction)
  • Partnerships with communities and public places to establish/restore native plant preserves
  • Annual Garden Tour for Members

We hope you’ll consider joining us – our general meetings are open to everyone and are a wonderful opportunity to hear a great speaker and get to know us better. We currently have three chapters, West Georgia, Coastal Plain, and the Redbud Project, and we would love to have more. Please contact us if you are interested in forming one.

Take the time to explore our website – it contains a lot of resource material to help you learn more about the importance of the conservation and use native plants as well as information about our events and workdays as well as events of like-minded organizations around the state.

If you have questions or want additional information you can reach us via phone at: 770-343-6000 or send a message via our Contact Page.



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