Scholarships & Grants

The Georgia Native Plant Society is able to fund grants because of the hard work of volunteers and members who organize and manage the spring and fall native plant sales where proceeds are used to support these grants. Donations towards the Society also help fund grants.

The Jeane Reeves Research Grant Program honors a pioneering member of the Society. Jeane recognized the need to save native plants from development before the Society was formed and brought that passion with her as a founding member of the Society in 1994. Her love and passion for native plants inspired many a new member until she passed away in November 2006.

There have been a total of 51 research grants applied for and many have been funded. A total of $31,349 has gone to support Jeane Reeves Research Grants.  The program started with a budget of $2000 for research grants.  Several of these grants have been quite important because they funded surveys for land that were later purchased by the State for conservation purposes. For example, Oaky Woods prairies, the Monticello Glades and Burks Mountain grasslands had many rare species on them.

Some highlights:

  • GNPS helped start the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance with a $2500 gift and helped with the Native Plant Initiative
  • In 2005, Ed McDowell, Elaine Nash and Brenda Beckman started working with Dr. Gary Wade to improve the CAES website for native plants with Native Plants for Georgia Gardens.  The final Chapters were finished in 2013.  GNPS gave at least $1000 to this project when money was needed to keep this project going.  The woody section on trees and shrubs has been a valuable educational outlet on the Extension website.

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