Q: What are some good Georgia native indoor plants? I want to buy some plants for my dorm room. I hope this is the right place to ask this sort of question. Thank you!

A: (Lori Conway) Yours is a most intriguing question! I am going to inquire of a few folks and get back to you! Possibly even conduct my own research in coming months. I will say that I imagine a sedge (Carex spp.) of most any species would grow indoors as I find them tolerant of both sun/shade and both wet and dry conditions. Are you in your dorm room already? Do you have any direct or indirect (bright) sunlight and, if so, what time of day?

(Ellen Honeycutt) Indeed, a very interesting question! Have you considered doing a terrarium-type approach? Over the years, I’ve made several for my mother in law, using some of our small ferns (like ebony spleenwort), and several kinds of mosses. Put in a few well-aged wood pieces and watch some cool fungi emerge after a while.

This link looks similar to what I’ve done (I did used a closed lid system). The activated charcoal is available at the pet store and is essential.

I do agree that some of our sedges (Carex) might be hardy enough to deal with the indoor environment, as Lori suggested, and many of them are tolerant or lower light levels.
I’m sorry, I forgot the link! https://climatekids.nasa.gov/mini-garden/


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