The Conservation Policy Committee

The Conservation Policy Committee
Reporting to: Director of Conservation

Responsibility: The Conservation Policy Committee (CPC) is responsible for reviewing Georgia native plant conservation policy issues relating to the mission statement.

Tasks:  Review all policy issues regarding the conservation of Georgiaʼs native plants and their habitats which are forwarded to CPC for approval or disapproval.  If issue is approved, develop email and/or web site informational language concerning the issue.

The Conservation Policy Committee has standard protocol that it uses to objectively screen and evaluate each issue.  Polices and Procedures: Every issue forwarded to the committee is logged. Issue is evaluated according to a standard protocol by committee, evaluating whether the issue is within the purview of the Conservation Policy Committee.  CPC purview was defined by GNPS Board approvals of the GNPS Policy on Acceptable Activities 12/12/2006, 6/19/2007 and 8/14/2007.After evaluation and decision, status of approved or disapproved is logged. If item is approved, email notification and/or information for GNPS website is drafted and reviewed by committee. Once language is finalized, email and/or web info is forwarded to appropriate distributor: email to GNPS President and/or web info to GNPS Webmaster.


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