The Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing & Communications Committee
Reporting to:  Director of Communications


To ensure consistent GNPS branding and messaging statewide.  The Marketing & Communications committee is responsible for ensuring consistent messaging through all medium including social media, press releases, emails to membership.  Also for maintaining a consistent style of all media used to promote the Society and GNPS events by means of brochures, business cards, flyers, postcards, , announcements, press releases.

Tasks | Communications:

Maintaining the master calendar of communications to provide regular and consistent messaging of all key GNPS events to our membership.

Soliciting appropriate announcements from GNPS directors and committees as dictated by the communications calendar, e.g. Plant of The Year announcements, meeting announcements, plant sale volunteer requirements, work day needs, etc. to be shared across the Society

Providing the President of GNPS with messages ready for distribution to the membership through list serve.

Management of the GNPS main email service/mail system and GNPS email ties with GNPS roles

Tasks | Marketing/Branding

Management of the GNPS Style Guide

Creation of a system to approve all printed materials so we can review all proposed printed matter promoting the Society of events sponsored by the Society for submission to the Director of Communications for approval to ensure consistent GNPS branding statewide

Monthly reporting on statistics/metrics demonstrating the success of our messaging to include website analytics…

Policies and Procedures:

GNPS Style Guide

Maintain a digital asset library and educate our members about the required “size” of photographs for them to look well on the website and in printed materials

Posting a minimum of two News & Events articles to the homepage monthly.

Daily monitoring of to ensure site is up and responding then working with the host company to troubleshoot any issues.

Training new people with appropriate access how to post events to their respective pages and the master GNPS calendar.

Management of user access rights to individual pages of the website for updating/reporting

Monthly reporting on statistics/metrics demonstrating the success of our messaging to include website analytics…


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