Lakeside Habitat

In Kennesaw, the Bender family has a home that overlooks a lake. Gayle has added native plants to the wooded section of the property. A neighborhood path winds between the lake and the woods where the GNPS sign will educate hikers that they plants they see are native.... read more

A Collection of Native Plants

In Marietta, Robin Allen’s home provides a woodland paradise and a sunny botanical garden. There’s an abundance of native plants too numerous to list completely. Native woodland plants found in the back yard include trilliums (Trillium catesbaei, Trillium... read more

Gardening in Athens

Like many other people who started home projects during the quarantine of 2020, Cathy Payne began gardening with native plants on her 3/4 acre lot in Athens. By the summer of 2021, the sun perennials were quite showy. The front yard is landscaped with purple... read more

Gainesville Countryside

Jill Gorman grows native plants from seed. She also hosts a garden workshop in the spring where she gives away some of her seedlings. The rest of the seedlings are planted on three acres near Gainesville where the Gormans have created a habitat for many pollinators... read more

Powder Springs Natural Garden

Driving on the shared road to Jeff Jernigan’s property in Powder Springs, you see the difference in landscaping. On the left, the neighbor has cleared their property of native plants and landscaped with lawn and introduced plants. On the right is Jeff’s... read more

The Pines RV Park

Congratulations to Karan Rawlins for earning gold certificate for GNPS Native Plant Habitat Certification program. Karan has been developing native plant habitat at The Pines RV Park in Tifton. The area has several types of habitat. A small upland forest provides... read more

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