Berkeley Lake Garden

Berkeley Lake is home to Susan Hanson, who has taken nearly an acre and transformed it into a native plant botanical garden. With a backbone of mature trees, she has added an amazing amount of understory plantings. Some of the plants are native azaleas (Rhododendron),... read more

Cabin in Ellijay

Imagine a cabin on 1.5 acres near Ellijay covered in hardwood trees and wildflowers. The highlight is a grove of Pawpaws with spring ephemerals including Trillium and Trout Lily on the hillside. This dreamlike setting is owned by Camille Caldwell and has been... read more

Alpharetta Garden Design

Livia Sklar and Robert Emerson have created an exquisite well-planned landscape with a mix of native and non-native plants on their large suburban property. There are islands featuring pines and understory plants such as native Azaleas, various Anise, and Needle Palms... read more

Meadow in Tucker

Cody Luedtke turned her lawn into a meadow in the front of her house! The Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Solidago and Echinacea make a bold statement in the neighborhood. Cody is removing invasive shrubs on this large lot and is still finding native plants appearing in the... read more

Morningside Natural Landscape

Laura Markson has a garden that is lovely in any season. The front lawn has been completely replaced with native plants. The back yard is landscaped with natives as well. It’s hard to pick a favorite plant from the little Frog Fruit by the mailbox to the Aquatic... read more

Archibald Smith Plantation

A section of the Smith Plantation in Roswell has been designated as a native landscape. Paula Lindsey and Jane Walsh are two of the Master Gardeners who help with this restoration. They are working hard to rid the park of the invasive species and adding native plants... read more

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