Gaskins Forest Education Center

Gaskins Forest Education Center in Alapaha, GA is a privately-owned property that supports environmental conservation, education and research. Farm buildings are used for meetings, workshops and programs. The botanical plantings include an extensive arboretum,... read more

Dunwoody Landscape

Situated on a sloping lot in Dunwoody, the Slee family home is beautifully landscaped with native plants. Under a canopy of mature oak and hickory trees, Greta and her husband have planted shrubs, ferns, perennials, and bog plants. One of Greta’s favorite plants... read more

Moss Garden in Marietta

Susan Oglesby and her husband, Lambertus, have a small garden in Marietta that has achieved the Silver level of Native Plant Habitat Certification! Every inch of the space is packed with plants, but the dominating native plant is moss. Imagine a lawn of moss! Another... read more

James E. McGuffey Nature Trail

A Gold level Native Plant Habitat Certification has been given to The James E. McGuffey Nature Trail. Located in Newnan, GA, this 36 acre park is part of the Coweta County Fairgrounds and is home to a long list of wildflowers, native trees, shrubs and even a fern... read more

The Rockwood Family Forest

The Rockwood family in McDonough have removed large amounts of non-native invasive species from their woods to save the native plants and make room for new plantings. Many of the plants they added were acquired on GNPS rescues. Just a few of the rare plants include... read more

Decatur City Garden

Bill Pardue’s garden is in Decatur beneath giant oaks. The small lot is teeming with spring wildflowers, ferns, vines, and shrubs. The native plants blend in nicely with art and rock walls. A Gold level was awarded to Bill for creating a native plant habitat on... read more

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