Gardening Along the Yellow River

Situated along the Yellow River, Jane Trentin’s garden is filled with native wildflowers in spring. And it is bursting with flowers and wildlife in all the other seasons too! There is a lot packed into this acreage, and Jane is an expert at maintaining its... read more

Butterfly Haven in Canton

Thomas and Barbara Dorn of Canton have a half acre with one-third of it in native plants! A few features include a rock garden, a shade garden, and a Monarch butterfly garden with various species of Asclepias. They are always improving and adding more plants. They... read more

Southern Meadows

Southern Meadows is a 9 acre native plant garden in Talmo, GA, where Karin Hicks and her husband have done an extensive job of eradicating invasive non-native plants. Just a few of the replacements they have planted are Partridge Pea, Powderpuff plant, Spotted Bee... read more

Stone Mountain Park Nature Garden

The Nature Garden at Stone Mountain Park is a wonderful native plant habitat maintained by Barcia Chasteen. A meandering trail highlights many regional favorites like Yellow Trout Lily and the Granite Gooseberry. There are labeled natives on more than an acre.... read more

Small Scale Gardening

Richard Lebovitz was awarded the Gold level for Native Plant Habitat Certification for his yard in Roswell. It is a great example of landscaping with natives in a small space. With the pond, waterfall, birdbath, bird feeders, and almost all native plants, Richard has... read more

Gainesville Goes for the Gold

Sally Reynolds has created a native plant sanctuary on her sloping property in Gainesville. The trilliums and wood poppies are scattered under the trees and the Goldenrod, Rudbeckias, and Milkweeds are soaking up the sun by the road. The milkweed hosted Monarchs!... read more

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