Gainesville Goes for the Gold

Sally Reynolds has created a native plant sanctuary on her sloping property in Gainesville. The trilliums and wood poppies are scattered under the trees and the Goldenrod, Rudbeckias, and Milkweeds are soaking up the sun by the road. The milkweed hosted Monarchs!... read more

Recognizing Native Plant Gardens

It may be difficult to pick a GNPS member out of a crowd, but it is not hard to spot their house in a neighborhood. When you drive on Andrea Greco and Scott Goldstrohm’s street, you can easily find their house. It’s the one beautifully landscaped with... read more

No Lawn Mower Needed

No lawn mower is needed on the Krause’s property! With 98% of their half-acre lot landscaped in native plants there is no room or desire for even a small patch of lawn. By planting with mostly natives, Rick and Sandy Krause achieved the Gold level of the Native... read more

Native Plant Habitat Certification: 2017 Year in Review

The Native Habitat Certification program had a great year! A few hard working members gave the program a boost. We now have newly designed signs, a page on the GNPS website, and an easy online application. In 2017, eight new gardens were certified. The gardens range... read more
Decatur Certification

Decatur Certification

Ron Smith not only has an outstanding collection of native plants, but he also has a tremendous knowledge about all the plant material. His beautifully landscaped corner lot in Decatur received the gold level for Native Plant Habitat Certification and is quite an... read more

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