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To educate the public about the importance of native plants to our health and well-being as well as to pollinators and other wildlife.

To promote conservation and preservation of our native plant habitats by encouraging planting of native plants in landscapes, woodlands, parks and gardens.


  • Educate the public about native plants and their habitats in the coastal plain.

  • Provide avenues for municipalities, land and homeowners to improve native plant habitats in their immediate vicinity.

  • Support ongoing efforts to improve education in the value and importance of native plants and their habitats.


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Supported with planning, volunteer assistance, and information table

  • GNPS annual meeting

  • Southwest Georgia Native Plant and Wildflower Symposium in Tifton

  • Bees, Butterflies, and Beyond in Douglas

Chapter Meetings 

At least two formal chapter meetings are regularly scheduled.

  • Virtual meetings are held instead of in person until Covid restrictions are lifted

  • Spring meeting in conjunction with the Southwest Georgia Native Plant and Wildflower Symposium in Tifton

  • Fall Annual Business meeting with speakers and a short field trip

Plant Propagation and Sales


  • Plants are propagated for plant sales and use in community plantings and restoration projects.

  • Native plants are sold at events, at Tifton Farmer’s Market, and on-line.

  • Plant sales are used as an opportunity to educate the public about native plants and to recruit new members.

Plant Rescues

  • Plant rescues are organized, following GNPS protocols, to rescue native plants from locations where they are unlikely to survive due to property development or agricultural/forestry operations.

  • Rescued plants are used for restoration projects, community garden projects, and planting on private property.


Partnerships involve providing volunteers for planning and field work, native plants for various projects, and monetary support for community projects.

  • In 2019-2020, partnered with Georgia Botanical Garden in Athens to plan and operated a Certificate in Native Plants program in South Georgia for two years now it is operated at state level with online courses.

  • Starting in 2017, CPC has partnered with Gaskins Forest Education Center in Alapaha to provide funds and activities for A Day in the Woods. This event is a free field day held in April each year.

  • Starting in 2019, CPC has been a co-sponsor with Quail Forever (2019) and GA DNR (2020) for the Great Georgia Pollinator Census event held at Gaskins Forest Education Center in Alapaha in August each year.

  • CPC has partnered with elementary schools, two in Tifton and one in St. Mary’s, to develop native plant pollinator gardens that meet the specifications of Georgia Botanical Garden’s Connect to Protect program.

  • CPC partnered with the City of Tifton to design, develop, and maintain a native plant pollinator garden around the new dog park in Fulwood. Plantings met specifications for the Connect to Protect Garden.

  • CPC members partnered with Friends of Crooked River State Park in St Mary’s to convert about one acre of mowed meadow into a native wildflower and grass meadow typical of longleaf pine and saw palmettos.

  • Several CPC members are active in Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance, partnering with several organizations such as Georgia Department Natural Resources to assist with plant rescues, collect seeds from natural communities, propagate plants for restoration, and monitor populations of threatened and endangered plants.


  • Starting in 2019, CNP members have written articles for each issue of the bimonthly online magazine Southern Soil Each article describes characteristics of a single native plant species, provides suggestions for how to grow and use it in landscaping, and explains its importance to pollinators and other wildlife.

  • CPC members have contributed articles for publication in NativeSCAPE, the newsletter for GNPS.



CPC members are available for Informal presentations about native plants upon request.

Communication with Members

CPC members are encouraged to share information and photos via social media.

  • Facebook

  • Monthly email with news and updates on CPC activities.

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