Continuing Education at the Georgia Native Plant Society

We’re always on the lookout for ideas to share with our members and learning experiences and educational programs to help members get started on their journey to understanding more about the importance of Georgia’s Native Plants.

When available, workshops and field trips are offered through GNPS on this website. We also offer educational programs at our bi-monthly meetings and our annual symposium. In addition, participating in our restoration workdays, our plant rescues, and our plant sales provide excellent opportunities to work with plants and learn from our leaders.

Beyond those experiences, we are happy to be able to direct you to other programs offered by our partners around the state.

One great program is the Certificate in Native Plants program offered by the Georgia State Botanical Garden. Graduates of this program receive a one year membership to the Georgia Native Plant Society. You might also enjoy the courses offered locally in your part of the state to become a Master Naturalist. Please let us know if you have ideas for classes for workshops that you would like.


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