Welcome GNPS Contributors!


This page is designed to give you some important information about the GNPS website. Anytime you need to access this page you can easily do so by clicking on the “GNPS Contributor Welcome Page” link in the black menu bar you see at the top of this (and every page).  You can use the links below to quickly navigate to the most important areas of your website or you can access the Dashboard by clicking on this icon:

The most recent training videos are accessed from the button below, which should take you to a YouTube playlist. Some of these videos, as well as other useful training videos, are linked further below on this page.

YouTube GNPS Training Channel



Are you a new Contributor?

GNPS.org uses WordPress to power the site.  It’s a very powerful and user friendly way to manage the site for your organization.  If you’re new to WordPress you’ll find links to some great tutorials, documents specifically for GNPS as well as video tutorials that are also specific for GNPS.

Tutorial Videos

We’ve put together some videos to help get you started on using GNPS.org as a contributor.

The WordPress Dashboard

Blog Posts Part 1

Blog Posts Part 2

Managing Events

Add & Edit Native Plants

Create RSVP Forms

Image Resizing

Photo Galleries & Photo Albums

Photo Sliders

GNPS Dropbox

Here you can access files that are available to GNPS members in the shared Dropbox folder.


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