Donate Plants to the GNPS Plant Sale

red flags are rescued plants

Red flags denote plants that were rescued and donated by members.

The Plant Sale Committee gladly accepts native plants for our plant sale. Please ensure that the plants you are donating are natives of the southeast US and not recent nursery or ‘big box’ chain purchases that may have been treated with neonicotinoids. We want our plants to be pollinator-friendly.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations on the day of the sale (to be sold that day). There are three ways to donate your plants:

  1. If you are a volunteer and will be volunteering for set-up please bring your donated plants with you. If you have a large quantity, please advise in advance so that we can prepare for them.
  1. If you are not volunteering but are a member of GNPS and attend our monthly meetings, you may reach out to the Plant Sale Chair and arrange to give them at the meeting.
  1. If you are not volunteering, not a member, but are a wonderful plant lover who wants to donate, you may reach out to the Plant Sale Chair and let us know you’d like to donate, and we can work something out.

To prepare your plants for donation, please do the following:

  1. Pot them up. Several weeks before you donate them is best– their roots take a while to recover and the plant to settle in. We don’t want to lose any due to heat and not being able to water them onsite.
  2. Put some topdressing or shredded leaves in the top for the best look.
  3. Label them with their common and Latin name please. Masking tape straight on the pot with a Sharpie works well.


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