Georgia Native Plant Society Annual Symposium


Saturday/Sunday, February 27/28, 2021



Our GNPS 2021 Symposium event will be virtual! To make the event more manageable, it will be spread across two days in 2-hour programs each day and each session will be recorded for future playback. GNPS is partnering with Georgia Audubon to present this program. The cost for GNPS and Georgia Audubon members is $5 per day ($10 total across the two days); the cost for non-members is $10 per day. You can register here, but note that registration is being handled by Georgia Audubon. When you get to the registration site, dismiss the pop-up asking you to login in if you are not also a Georgia Audubon member.

The focus this year of the GNPS 2021 Symposium is understanding the critical relationships that Georgia native plants and habitat have with Georgia’s native wildlife. From woodlands, to wetlands, to grasslands … Georgia’s insects, birds, and critters of all types depend on their relationships with native plants and places. These relationships include the food that wildlife eat (pollen, nectar, foliage, fruits), the ecosystems that native plants create, and the habitat that they foster. While non-native plants may contribute in part, the regionally appropriate native plants contribute far more in the space that they reside, allowing us to give back to Georgia wildlife substantially in our landscapes.

Saturday, February 27:

  • 10:00 AM ET: Patrick McMillan: “Creating a Garden for Life: Embracing the Intersections of Life in Your Landscape”
  • 11:00 AM ET: Jim Ozier:  “Wildlife Habitat Values of Georgia’s Native Woodland Plants”

Sunday, February 28:

  • 1:00 PM ET: Malcolm Hodges: “The Importance of Native Grasslands to Georgia’s Biodiversity”
  • 2:00 PM ET: Giff Beaton: “Wetlands: Hydric Powerhouses”











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GNPS Annual Symposium

The 21st annual GNPS Plant Symposium will be held this year at Georgia Perimeter College, Decatur Campus in Decatur, GA on Feb 20th, 2016. The symposium will touch on broad themes of interest, including new and unusual native plants of the southeast, storm water gardens, and how to engage the public in the importance and joys of native plants. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Larry Mellichamp, recently retired Professor of Botany and Horticulture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and former director of the University’s Botanical Gardens. We will also offer hands-on workshops including digital photography and botanical illustration. Register now to get the early bird prices!

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