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Winterberry (Ilex verticillata)

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ilex verticillata
  • PLANT TYPE: Shrub
  • TAGS: Plant Tags: deciduous, dioecious, holly, and wetland. Plant Types: Shrub.

Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) tolerates poor drainage and wet areas and is very showy in fruit. You must have both a male and female plant to have berries. The male must be the same species as the female and bloom at the same time. The plant may sucker a bit in ideal conditions or when damaged. Cultivars are available but must be carefully selected: ‘Jim...
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Yellowroot (Xanthorhiza simplicissima)

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Xanthorhiza simplicissima
  • PLANT TYPE: Shrub
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME PRONUNCIATION: zan-tho-RISE-uh sim-plih-KISS-ee-muh
  • TAGS: Plant Tags: early spring, erosion control, and streambanks. Plant Types: Shrub.

Yellowroot (Xanthorhiza simplicissima) grows in partial shade to sun; needs moist, well-drained soil; spreads via suckers forming a ground cover. The feathery foliage provides interest at water’s edge; it has distinctively yellow roots.
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