Congratulations to Karan Rawlins for earning gold certificate for GNPS Native Plant Habitat Certification program. Karan has been developing native plant habitat at The Pines RV Park in Tifton. The area has several types of habitat. A small upland forest provides well-drained shaded conditions. A slope seep is an ideal site for pitcher plants, ferns and wetland species. The edge of an artificial pond has cattails and aquatic species. The dam site is well-drained and open – good for a variety of asters and mints. From the dam, the site transitions into a disturbed wet area – mostly off site. Karan has done an amazing job organizing approval for the project, working with management on site preparation, obtaining plants from a wide variety of sources, getting help in out planting, and in recruiting volunteers for future maintenance. Our Coastal Plain Chapter of GNPS donated some plants for the project.


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