As of October 12, 2021, four of our forming chapters have been granted Provisional Status while they await IRS approval of their 1023-EZ form. The GNPS Board of Directors is proud to welcome these four chapters: North Metro Atlanta, Intown Atlanta, Fringed Campion, and North Georgia Mountains. They join our two existing chapters, West Georgia and Coastal Plain.

Provisional chapters will have most of the rights and privileges of an official chapter, some of which are summarized below.

  • Chapter Elections – chapters may hold chapter board elections.
  • Chapter Bylaws Vote – chapters may have their members vote to accept the chapter’s bylaws that GNPS has approved.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance – the elected chapter board will be covered by directors and officers insurance provided by GNPS.
  • General Liability Insurance – the chapter and its members will be covered by general liability insurance provided by GNPS.
  • Annual Chapter Rebates – the chapter will be entitled to the yearly chapter rebate.

Learn more about our chapters, including others that are still forming, on our Chapters page. Information about forming a new chapter is also on that page.


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