The Intown Atlanta Chapter of the Georgia Native Plant Society



The Intown Atlanta Chapter of the Georgia Native Plant Society is currently forming and we have nearly 100 affiliated GNPS members. The Chapter Startup Committee is working on the necessary items, and we will make announcements when we have programs or events in place.


You can reach us by email.

How can I join?

For current members, login and update your chapter affiliation through the chapter affiliation form. For new or renewing members, you can also select your chapter affiliation on the membership form.


Chapter News & Events

Startup Committee Status

The Intown Atlanta startup committee has met multiple times since June. Most of the required steps for full approval as a chapter of GNPS have been completed. We expect to be incorporated in the next month or so, which will be the final step before being eligible for full chapter status. We understand that many local members are excited about having activities, and currently we hope to have some events in the fall. Meanwhile, we encourage all members in the area to affiliate with the existing or forming chapter that best serves their needs. In particular, if you live inside the perimeter of Atlanta, you should consider the Intown Chapter or the North Metro Chapter. Affiliating with a chapter will ensure that you get notices about upcoming events. GNPS members are always welcome at the activities of other chapters, aside from voting on chapter matters, so there is no way that you can join the wrong chapter.

Intown Atlanta Chapter Interest Meeting

If you are in the Intown Atlanta area and are interested in joining a new GNPS chapter, please register to join us for a virtual Intown Atlanta chapter interest meeting on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, at7:00 PM. Once you register you will receive the instructions for joining the event.

Event Registration Form

What we’ll be focusing on during the meeting:

  • Meeting other chapter area members
  • Reviewing the chapter quick start guide
  • Choosing the startup committee
  • Discussing the name of the chapter
  • Discussing potential meeting locations
  • and more!

We look forward to “seeing” you there!


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