Habitat restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. Restoration projects can repair or reconnect fragmented natural habitats in your local community. They can also become a focus for community service and educational outreach. GNPS supports two kinds of restoration initiatives: habitat restoration and native plant educational garden. GNPS members are encouraged to start a new restoration project or volunteer to help on an existing restoration project or garden.

How to Start a New Restoration Project

  1. Read the GNPS Habitat Restoration Manual, which contains guidelines for starting and managing habitat restoration or educational garden projects.
  2. Get permissions from the property owner and any sponsoring organization.
  3. Submit an application for GNPS approval following guidelines in the manual. Use the appropriate form:

How to Help an Existing Restoration Project

    • Check out the GNPS Restoration Sites near you by clicking on a property on the map below, or also listed on the righthand menu.
    • Check with your GNPS Chapter reps to find out about Native Plant Educational Gardens near you
    • To volunteer or learn more, contact the site liaison listed for that property. 




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