Restoration is an integral part of our mission of conservation and stewardship of native plants. Restoration activities are centered on native plant gardens and the restoration of publicly accessible land taken care of by garden clubs or organized groups. Restoration activities include plant rescues, plant identification, removing invasive exotic plants, and planting and care of native plants until they are established. To this end we have created a manual to outline our Habitat Restoration Guidelines. This manual is intended to be a guide for individuals and groups who have seen the beauty and diversity of native plants and their habitats and who want to recreate a native habitat or to restore one to its natural condition.

Your organization may apply to become an official GNPS restoration site by completing the downloadable Restoration Project Application form. This application is to be used by organizations wishing to partner with GNPS Restoration Committee for the purposes of habitat restoration on public land, parks or schools; establishment of native plant gardens or displays for educational purposes; relocation of plants to botanical gardens, arboreta or research facilities for scientific purposes. Learn more about our existing restoration sites local to you by clicking on the map below:




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