On rescuing native plants… “Saving them from certain destruction not only perpetuates their lives, it educates and enriches ours.” – Jeane Reeves, founder of the GNPS rescue program

The plant rescue program is an important part of GNPS, and the work we do to save plants from destruction is rewarding to everyone who participates. At every rescue, the diggers are collecting plants not only for their own gardens but to donate to schools, churches, one of GNPS’s many restoration projects, and public as well as private neighborhood gardens. Thousands of the plants available at the GNPS Spring and Fall plant sales were also rescued from destruction.  A number of these are plants are difficult to obtain, or simply unavailable, in the nursery trade.

There is more to rescues than just saving native plants. We are all teaching and learning every time we set foot on a rescue site. We also build relationships with others who share a common interest in these wonderful plants along with the pollinators and wildlife who depend on them for their existence.

If you are a new member or have just never gone on a plant rescue, now is the time. Fall is the perfect planting season, and there are plenty of plants that need saving. On a rescue, we’ll help you identify plants, show how to dig them, and share ideas about their aftercare. The rescue schedule is available on our calendar with rescue events noted with a bright blue stripe on them. We hope to see you on a rescue soon!

Remember, never dig native plants on public property, or on private property without the permission of the owner, and dig only if the plants will be lost to development. Join a GNPS rescue instead and help us save the plants legally and ethically with other people who love native plants.

GNPS Rescue Scouting