Berkeley Lake Restoration Project

The City of Berkeley Lake owns three conservation areas. The largest tract is a 72 acre greenspace held in trust by the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust, and a one acre lot owned by the City. Many non-native, invasive plants are crowding the native plants. The goal is to remove the non-natives to allow natives to re-establish themselves and plant natives as needed to re-introduce lost species.

The 72 acre greenspace is a heavily wooded, mostly hardwood, area beside a major road. It has several steep ravines with small creeks at the bottom. Privet is growing in these moist areas. A group of residents cut the privet and painted with glyphosate. Next winter, may need some additional removal.

The one acre lot (Henderson Nature Sanctuary) is a highly visible area beside a heavily traveled residential road. Privet, Elaeagunus, English Ivy and other non-natives have been removed. More invasive plants need to be removed. The area is heavily wooded and has some nice natives. This area could be a lovely space and a real showcase for native plants. A Boy Scout will add trails and benches there this summer.

GNPS members have the opportunity to work in an area in Gwinnett County near Peachtree Corners. Workdays will be the fourth Wednesday of each month.  We are located across from 156 Bayway Circle, Berkeley Lake, 30096

Driving Directions To The Berkeley Lake Restoration Project
We are located across from 156 Bayway Circle, Berkeley Lake, 30096.

You can view a Google Map of the area here.

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