Georgia is rich in beautiful and ecologically significant native plants. Each year, the GNPS recognizes one of these species as being particularly worthy of public notice. If there is a native plant we have not featured in previous years that you think is exceptional, we encourage you to nominate it this autumn for GNPS Plant of the Year 2020.

Nominations will open at 7 pm sharp on October 1, 2019, and continue until six acceptable nominees have been submitted. Premature submissions will not be considered. All nominated species must be Georgia natives and hardy enough to survive in most gardens. We urge you to nominate a plant that isn’t commonly grown in gardens and landscapes. There are some fantastic native treasures out there that many people aren’t aware of … yet.  This is your chance to bring attention to an underutilized, but special, species. The winning species will be printed on our popular Plant-of-the-Year t-shirts.

Nomination instructions will be posted on the GNPS website in mid-September after the plant sale, as well as in the October 1st newsletter. You must be a member to nominate a plant, so check now to make sure your membership is up to date! You can check by logging in to, going to the Member Portal, and selecting “Manage Membership,” then “Renew or View Membership” from the menus on the right. If you’re not a member, please JOIN and be a part of our native plant community that is making a difference across Georgia.


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