The GNPS Board of Directors for 2022 is pleased to share our Strategic Plan for the years 2022-2025. A little background:

A small group of determined native plant devotees formed GNPS in 1994 to advocate the use and preservation of Georgia’s native plants. Although the Society formed in Atlanta, our founders’ goals were higher. They envisioned a statewide organization. Our first chapter formed in 2008, but growth was slow. Meanwhile, urgency to preserve and use more native plants mounted. Our growth was not keeping pace with our members’ desire for knowledge and action.

In 2019, GNPS took a bold step, creating a State Board of Directors that would focus on strategic governing and direct significant resources toward cultivating a balance of equally strong chapters across the state. Our thinking was that more chapters would focus more GNPS resources at the local level, encourage new leaders, and increase membership, while allowing the State Board to focus on key state-level partnerships and strategies that would lead to more meaningful change and progress of our mission.

Our members’ response to this organizational shift has been overwhelmingly positive. GNPS began 2022 with eight geographically widespread chapters and an all-time high of 1,400-plus members. With more members, we were poised to further our mission across Georgia, and we turned toward developing a three-year strategic plan.

As we thought about how to channel the power of our growth, we pondered what does GNPS do that makes us unique?

  • We connect people with native plants.
  • We teach people how to use native plants in landscapes.
  • We inspire people to be good stewards of the land.
  • We empower members to share their knowledge with others.
  • GNPS grows people who love native plants.

That’s it! Growing people who love native plants. In a nutshell, this truly is what GNPS does best. With that settled, we wondered how we can leverage what we do best? How can we best serve our members, grow statewide, and help Georgians grow a better landscape?

We invite you to read our strategic plan and discover the details. If you are as inspired as we are, please volunteer for specific areas to help us reach our goals. Regardless of where you are on your native plant learning journey, each of us can help.


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