GNPS is partnering with Atlanta Audubon to provide two September walks that will showcase the restoration of meadows and wetlands and how birds are responding to the habitats.  Note the 8:00 am start time for these walks:  the birds are up early!

September 3:  8:00 am-10:00 am:  South Fork of Peachtree Creek with Audubon  This walk will occur within the evolving project area of the South Fork of Peachtree Creek at the Confluence Trail ( ), where meadows and streamside terraces are being restored to native habitat. Leslie Edwards will co-lead and identify native plants and natural communities, along with Atlanta Audubon birders, Vinod Babu and Gus Kaufman.  Directions can found on the September 3 calendar entry at and at the link shown above.

September 10:  8:00 am-10 am:  The Emma Wetlands of the Blue Heron Preserve, with Audubon and Steve ad Rona Cook  This walk will highlight another worthwhile project:  the restoration of wetlands at Blue Heron preserve, also undertaken by Rock Springs Restoration.  Steve and Rona Cook, who are master birders as well as GNPS plant enthusiasts, will lead the trip, identifying native plants and explaining the wetlands restoration.  Atlanta Audubon birder Jason Ward will co-lead the walk.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about restoring wetlands and birds.  Directions can be found on the September 10 calendar entry at


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