Interested in learning how to identify native plants?  A great approach is to focus on plant families:  groupings of plants that are similar in terms of their leaves, flowers, growth patterns, and/or ecological relationships.  GNPS is partnering with the Georgia Botanical Society to offer a series of workshops for identifying native plants and their families.  The first workshop, on the heath family, was well received by an enthusiastic group.

The schedule for the remainder of the year is below.  Email workshop leaders to register. There is a maximum of 14 participants in each workshop.  Georgia Native Plant Society and Georgia Botanical Society members only.

August 13:  Asters at Bluffs Parkway in Canton.  Leader: Ellen Honeycutt

September 11:  Heaths at Vickery Creek (repeat).  Leader:  Susan Caster

October 12: Grasses at the State Botanical Garden.  Leader: Linda Chafin

October 29:  Pines and Hemlocks at Tallulah Gorge.  Leader:  Leslie Edwards

If you have general questions or if you would like to be a workshop presenter, please contact Susan Caster at


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