For many years we have created and sold t-shirts and logo items at our in-person meetings. With the pandemic as well as the increase in broader statewide membership, doing that has not been practical this year. We want our members to be able to get t-shirts and logo items in a more convenient and timely fashion. You can now order t-shirts at our online store.

We have created a storefront at a digital printing merchant and set up an array of products and apparel styles. You pay on that site and the product is shipped directly to you. GNPS makes a small profit on each item.

Our signature item is our Plant of the Year t-shirt. The 2021 shirt features Grancy graybeard or Fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus), in a design created for us by designer Jenn Smith. It is available in 6 different styles which is a broader array than we’ve been able to offer before, however, colors vary by style based on the t-shirt manufacturer for that style (click on the product while on the site to see what colors are offered, only a sample color is shown initially):

Unisex Classic Shortsleeve
Women’s Classic Shortsleeve
Women’s V-neck Shortsleeve
Unisex Slim Fit Shortsleeve
Unisex Reversed Shortsleeve (image is on the back)
Unisex Longsleeve

We are excited about being able to more quickly offer these products to members statewide regardless of in-person events. Please let us know if you have any problems using this site by emailing us at We welcome your feedback. The site is hot-linked above and this is the direct URL to order t-shirts at our online store:

T-shirts available at our online store

A sample of T-shirts available at our online store


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