A great big “Thank You!” to the all of the GNPS members who nominated a plant for GNPS Plant of the Year 2017! Online voting is now open at https://gnps.org/forms/POY_Voting.php.

You must be a member for your vote to count, and there is only one vote allowed per membership account.

The online voting page opens today and will remain open until Monday, 11/7/16, at 6:45 pm, when it will be closed so that all online votes can be counted. Voting will resume on paper ballots beginning at 6:45 pm at the GNPS meeting Tuesday, 11/8/16 and will end at 8:00 pm that evening.  The paper ballot votes will be added to the online votes, and if there is a clear winner that evening it will be announced at the end of the meeting.

If no clear winner emerges, the GNPS Board of Directors will have a run-off vote and the winner will be announced as soon as we have a winner.


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