Saturday October 14, 10:00-1:00 at the Chattahoochee Nature Center.

This is a three hour gathering that is part talk, discussion and information sharing, part workshop and part walkabout. The first part will cover the basics — what is pollination, why it is so vital, and of course the pollinators. Hands on and handouts will provide information on how to identify some of our most important pollinators and how to sustain them with a pollinator friendly yard. Seeds for two native plants important to pollinators will be provided along with information on how to successfully grow them.
The last portion of this event will be a walk around the gardens, looking for pollinators and observing the plants that attract them. The workshop leader is Eddi Minche, who is a beekeeper with an appreciation for all pollinators and the native plants needed to sustain them. A professional woods wanderer and entomologist wannabe, who has given many walks and presentations on this topic.

Registration is $10.00, and includes entry to the CNC, the handouts, and the seeds for two native plants. Register using the link on the GNPS calendar page for October 14. Questions may be addressed to


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