Report of Berkeley Lake workday March 23, 2016

Four participants met at the Henderson Nature Preserve Park at Berkeley Lake to dig out Liriope. We had a sunny day to work; birdsong accompanied our conversations. We removed Liriope, English ivy seedlings, privet root sprouts, Japanese honeysuckle, Bradford pear seedlings and Asiatic hawksbeard. We found the following plants blooming: Aquilegia canadensis, columbine; Trillium cuneatum, Sweet Betsy Trillium; Stylophorum diphyllum, Celandine poppy; Chrysogonum virginianum, green and gold; Illicium floridanum, Florida anise tree; and Zephyranthes atamasco, Atamasco lily. The young Halesia diptera, two winged silverbell, trees are ready to bloom. A red buckeye is almost blooming and the Carolina silver bells are almost blooming, they are both blooming for the first time.

After weeding, we enjoyed chili con carne for lunch.

The next scheduled workday will be Wednesday, April 27, 2015, 10:00 – 12:00.


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