Report of Mary Scott Nature Park workday January 05, 2017

Four GNPS members and Mary Scott Nature Park neighbors met at the Mary Scott Nature Park to begin the 2017 planting frenzy. In the center of the driveway loop the following native plants were planted:
two Ilex verticillata ‘Red Sprite’ and one consort,
seven Frothergilla gardenia,
seven Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’.

In the area behind the playground benches, four deciduous ‘June Jubilee’ azaleas were planted.

To maximize the impact of the new plants, several pest plants were removed: English ivy (a forever task), dandelions, Vinca minor, Chinese holly resprouts, Nandina seedlings, Japanese holly resprouts, Japanese honeysuckle, privet seedlings, and henbit.

The next scheduled workdays will be Saturday, January 14, 2017, and Saturday, February 04, 2017, 1:00-3:00 pm when we plan to continue planting the part of the park that fronts Briarcliff Road and removing nonnative invasive plants.


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