Report of Mary Scott Nature Park workday September 02, 2017

On a mild September day after some days of rain, one GNPS member pulled weeds from the front parking lot bed at the Mary Scott Nature Park. Many weeds were removed including crabgrass, chamberbitter, and mulberry weed. Another GNPS member worked to remove exotic pest plants at the western entrance to the park. Plants that were removed included nandina, mahonia, Chinese holly, English ivy, chaff flower, Nepalese stiltgrass, Japanese climbing fern, and Japanese dayflower. Five yard bags of undesirable material were removed. During the morning session a GNPS member continued to develop a meadow a native plant at a time. There was some evidence of chemical treatment of wisteria.

Some of the native perennials that were blooming included mountain mint (Pycanthemum loomis), Solidago ‘Fireworks’, and Heliopsis helianthoides. The Stone Mountain daisies are just about to bloom. The butterfly weed has gone to seed.

The next scheduled workday will be Saturday, October 07, 2017, 1:00-3:00 pm when we plan to continue removing weeds from the new beds.


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