Report of Berkeley Lake workday August 22, 2018

Three GNPS members met at the Henderson Nature Sanctuary at Berkeley Lake to pull weeds. Afterwards we ate lunch together. After the recent heavy rains, much water was gushing through the spillway. The city has added soil around the east side of the area without any curbing to protect the project from weed seeds washing from the neighbors’. The city has pushed soil on the root crowns of trees near the pavement, dooming the trees to premature death. We have been working at HNS for several years. It no longer needs monthly attention. We will turn our attention to the 70 acre Greenspace that is owned by City of Berkeley Lake. We will walk the area so plan to be at the parking lot by 10:10. The Greenspace is across the street from a shopping center along Peachtree Industrial. The address to use is Patton’s Meat Market, 3931 Peachtree Industrial 30096.

The next scheduled workday will be Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 10:00 – 12:00. We will meet at Patton’s Meat Market, 3931 Peachtree Ind Blvd. Duluth, GA, 30096, where we will gather at 10:00 to walk to another section of Berkeley Lake woodland to survey and remove exotic pest plants that we identify. Please bring your gloves, kneeler, and weeder to help. Wear your boots and long pants.


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