Restoration Committee

The Restoration Committee
Reporting to:  The Director of Conservation


Responsible for supporting restoration activities/projects by providing and advertising educational activities and resources pertaining to restoration, i.e. restoration workshops, invasive exotic management, etc…


The Committee will screen and evaluate restoration activities/projects through the ‘Restoration Project Application’. The application will be made available on the GNPS website as a pdf. Completing this form will be the first step in requesting restoration assistance, i.e., plant rescue, volunteers, and educational programs.  Maintain records of project proposals.  Advise board on all projects and their progress.

Responsible for the creation and development of the ‘Restoration Project Application’. The application should be updated periodically with the approval of the Director of Conservation.

The Committee will also provide educational programs/resources by way of programs initiated within the committee; restoration guidelines, list of books on restoration, links to other organizations involved in restoration, and advertising related restoration programs/workshops provided by other local organizations, i.e., Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council conferences


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