Heritage Park Privet Pull and Chili Lunch: March 10, 2018

Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) is familiar to most GNPS members as an invasive exotic that crowds out many native plants in the woods all over our state.  On March 10th, members associated with the Heritage Park Restoration Site will demonstrate reliable no-impact... read more

October 2016 Workday

Six hardworking volunteer “regulars” pulled privet (Ligustrum sinense), weeded the two butterfly gardens and tagged young saplings there for future removal, and tackled several large privet-trees down along the boardwalk.

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September 2016 Workday

  Our September workday was a productive one, and the weather was fine.  In our new sunlovers/butterfly garden we put in a trellis for a pipevine (Aristolochia macrophylla) for the benefit of swallowtail larvae, and installed labels so park visitors could... read more

Aug 13 2016 Heritage Park workday

Even in the heat of full summer, Heritage Park in central Cobb County is a good place to be.  On this workday the temperature was in the high eighties with high humidity and some overcast, but conditions were pleasant enough while we worked under the forest cover.... read more

Summary of Heritage Park Workday

There were lots of pollinator insects in both butterfly gardens, frogs were singing in the pond below, a green lizard was spotted in a tree, and a big black crow crossed the trail

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Heritage Park Workday Report December, 2015

    The new and old butterfly gardens were weeded; plants in the old garden were pruned/trimmed back as well, and several saplings in this area were tagged for positive i.d. and removal.  The section next to the parking lot was cleared of leaves to make the... read more

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