The City of Roswell unanimously passed a resolution to use native plants in city landscaping on June 14th, 2021.

This resolution was the product of a grassroots effort of a few residents who shared a passion for native plants and preserving the local ecosystem. Residents, including many from our forming North Metro Atlanta Chapter, wrote in letters and even recorded videos to show their support to the city council over the course of a year. Many showed up to the city council meeting and gave comments in support of the resolution.

As a result of their hard work, starting in 2021, 60% of newly designed or updated city landscapes will comprise of native plants. By 2024, that number will grow to 80%.

The resolution states that native plants are a cornerstone to maintaining a healthy biodiversity and reducing stormwater runoff, as well as preserving and promoting a historical and cultural heritage.

The city will also develop a pilot project that will create a plan to eradicate invasive plant species.

You can find the details of this resolution here.


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