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Gray Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis)

Gray Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis) is a garden worthy goldenrod thanks to its clumping nature. Unlike Solidago canadensis, this perennial does not grow by rhizomatous roots and is not aggressive. Contrary to popular belief, goldenrod is not a source of fall allergies because its pollen is not light enough to be transported on the wind. Goldenrods are insect...
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Slender Goldenrod (Solidago erecta)

Slender Goldenrod (Solidago erecta) is a smooth-stemmed, clumping goldenrod with one or more blooming stems branching from a single stalk. Foliage and stem may be burgundy colored, especially in late fall. This handsome perennial pairs well with other fall blooming flowers like blazing stars (Liatris pilosa, for example) and native grasses. Contrary to popular...
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