Report of Mary Scott Nature Park Workday April 2, 2022 On April 2,2022, six Friends of Mary Scott Nature Park participated in the April workday. Seven high school students from the National Honor Society at Lakeside High School earned service hours. Bales of pine straw were spread over some of the bare soil to help control erosion. English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, Youngia japonica were pulled. Six native azaleas were planted. It’s April in Atlanta so there were many plants blooming: Coreopsis auricula, Viburnum obovatum, Fothergilla, green-and-gold, and Packera were blooming in the parking area oval. Rhododendron canescens and Tiarella were blooming in the ditch garden. The red buckeye has more blooms this year than last. It’s a beauty. Trilliums are multiplying, which is encouraging for the volunteers to see. The next scheduled workday will be Saturday, May 7, 2022, 2-4 pm, when we plan to continue removing nonnative plants from the park and spreading more pinestraw on the bare soil. Please bring your gardening gloves, weeder, and kneeler to help us improve the park for birds and insects.


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