Georgia Native Plant Society Projects

In November 2007, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association formally offered use of the former Wildlife Trails area in Stone Mountain Park to GNPS to propagate native plants. This propagation garden is now maintained and operated by a group of volunteers that meets regularly to learn more and tend to the native plants. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from more experienced GNPS members as they work to collect seeds and participate in the steps towards growing native plants.


In 2014, The Atlanta Beltline offered GNPS the stewardship of a wooded area upslope from the Beltline-Freedom Parkway connector trail. The area is densely wooded and about a half-acre in size bordering the native planting areas that Trees Atlanta maintains. GNPS agreed to partner with Trees Atlanta to help keep future invasions of invasive plants at bay and to enrich this woodland fragment with various native plants that would enjoy a sub-mesic slope with decent shade.



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