Continued Restoration Work at Land O Lakes

Quite a bit of restoration has been done this spring at the Land O Lakes property at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. What was once the site of a residential home is now a thriving meadow of native grasses, Echinacea, and other flowering perennials. Thanks to the... read more

Demo Underway!

We are excited on the progress we are making at the newest part of the Preserve off Land O’ Lakes Drive.  After waiting almost 2 years the demolition of the home is finally underway! We soon will be able to start the restoration work to bring the property into... read more

Restoration to begin at Blue Heron Site

Kiss this house goodbye and get ready for some native plants! After much waiting we’ve gotten word from the City the house on the site will be torn down beginning on the 28th.  We did not want to start the restoration work until the home was taken down.  Now... read more

Summer 2015 update from the Blue Heron Restoration Site

We are still waiting on the City to demo the house so we can get to work with the plants. The city is in the process of getting the demo permits. Work days will start once the house is taken down so watch the main calendar for workdays so we can start... read more

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