Grand Opening of Meadow Entrance to Buffalo Creek Trail: April 17, 2018

300 Trilliums planted on the hillside at Buffalo Creek On Tuesday, April 17, starting at 6:30 pm, members of the West Georgia Chapter of GNPS will hold the grand opening of the Meadow Entrance to the Buffalo Creek Trail as part of their 10th anniversary as an... read more

Newcomers always welcome at our workdays

We’ve been clearing the area that will be the entrance to Buffalo Creek Trail from the new Greenbelt walking trail and will always welcome an extra pair of hands!  We haven’t starting planting yet as we remove invasive plants and consider some serious... read more

Summer News from Buffalo Creek

At Buffalo Creek we have had 4 formal workdays in July and August 2015. We had 20 volunteers spread over those days for a total of approx. 80 man/hours. We have removed that “blasted grass” and privet. We have moved our weeds in truck loads and we have... read more

Buffalo Creek – February Update

Buffalo Creek continues to be an active restoration site.  We had a workday today and are fortunate to get some state inmate crews from time to time.  Privet was removed.  We are working on a section of our trails that will be near the Greenbelt in Carroll Co.  The... read more

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