Plant Of The Year

GNPS initiated its Plant of the Year program in 2000. The purpose of this program is to recognize native plants that are underutilized in commercial and residential landscapes or which are vital components of Georgia’s ecology. We are looking beyond beauty, even though this is what often draws us to a special native plant in the first place.

Every October, GNPS members may nominate a plant they feel is deserving of being Plant of the Year for the upcoming year. Nominations are submitted online through the GNPS website. Besides being native to the state of Georgia and underutilized in landscaping, a good candidate for Plant of the Year will not demand growing conditions that are too difficult for most Georgia gardeners to achieve.

The nomination period closes when six (6) acceptable nominations have been received. Voting commences online and completes at the November GNPS General Meeting. If no clear winner emerges at the meeting, the GNPS Board of Directors holds a run-off election to determine the winner.

Plant of The Year


Plant of the Year voting is now open!

POY 2021 voting will take place from November 1st - 30th at midnight.  The nominees are: Fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus) Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) Little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) Purpletop (Tridens flavus) Turk’s-cap lily (Lilium superbum)...

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Nomination #6: Winterberry

Scientific name: Ilex verticillata Common name: Winterberry Family: Aquifoliaceae Plant type: Shrub Ilex verticillata provides excellent winter interest in the garden thanks to a profusion of bright red berries that persist throughout the cold season; hence the common...

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Nomination #5: Turk’s-cap lily

Scientific name: Lilium superbum Common name: Turk’s-cap lily Family: Liliaceae Plant type: Perennial In early summer a single Turk’s-cap lily (Lilium superbum) can produce a full bouquet of a dozen or more (up to 40) flowers at a time. Each nodding bloom measures...

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Nomination #4: Purpletop

Scientific name: Tridens flavus Common name: Purpletop Family: Poaceae Plant type: Grass Purpletop (Tridens flavus) is aptly named for its striking reddish purple seedheads, bright splashes of color to catch the eye. The warm season bunchgrass grows in clusters of...

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