GNPS with TA in the ABA

What in the world does that mean?

GNPS site on the BeltLine in the Arboretum

GNPS site on the BeltLine in the Arboretum

Photo Credit to Virginia Wolf

Reason for the workday – removal of invasive plants needed

Our wonderful organization, the Georgia Native Plant Society, has been given an exciting opportunity to partner with Trees Atlanta to develop a section of the green space in the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum (which is along the Atlanta BeltLine). The area with a view of downtown Atlanta is near Elizabeth Street and Bernina Avenue in Inman Park and less than an acre in size.  The plan, as usual, is to get rid of the invasive plants and replace them with native plants while educating the public about the value and beauty of this kind of gardening.

The project is moving forward in exciting ways.  We have begun removing the unwanted plants.  During two productive work days earlier this spring, a hearty group of volunteers tackled ivy, privet, amur honeysuckle, liriope and kudzu!  We interviewed several design firms and selected Elise Cormier of Smart Landscapes, a GNPS member with previous experience in public spaces.  She has created an intriguing planting design that uses a variety of native trees, shrubs and perennials and focuses on the strengths of the site.

Our next immediate task is to continue cleaning up the area as we move towards the fall planting days.   And we need your help!

The next workday will be on Friday, May 29 at 8 am, and we’ll stay until it gets too hot or we get too tired.  We need a large number of workers that day to make an impact on the ongoing clean up.
If you are able to join us, or if you have questions, please reply to  We will be able to share the final planting design on that day.

Thanks for your support,
Sheri Kennedy and Ruby Bock, project co-chairs


Directions:   Google Maps:  enter Bernina Ave. and Elizabeth St.  Elizabeth St and Bernina is a paved Entrance to the Atlanta BeltLine.  Up the walkway a bit and to the left on the spur trail you will see us at the Beech Circle.    

Parking: 1) Street Parking near the site but may be difficult to find a space. 2) Public Parking Deck on N Highland a short walk from the site.  Cost about $6.  3) BeltLine Skate Park has free street parking and may not be crowded at 8am. Also a short walk under the Freedom Parkway Bridge to the site.  4) Carter Center Parking with a short walk down the Freedom Parkway Bike Trail.


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