Do you have a fruit tree or vine in your yard or nearby public space that is underutilized? Concrete Jungle can help! They specialize in picking fruits and berries from urban areas for donation to food pantries and shelters, providing a sustainable and locally grown source of fruits to those who otherwise would not have access. If you are interested in hosting Concrete Jungle to glean your fruit trees or berry vines, please contact Adam Hicks via email or phone, Office: 404-835-4443 Ext. 104.

Provide Adam with your address and phone number, plus a description of the type of tree or vine, how much fruit it produces (if you know), and how much of the fruit you are willing to allow Concrete Jungle to harvest for donation. A picture is helpful but not necessary. Adam will schedule a time to look at the tree or vines with you close to the date the fruit will be ripe. If your tree is already past its prime this year, no problem – you can get on the Concrete Jungle schedule for next year. Don’t have fruit trees or vines but want to help? You can volunteer with Concrete Jungle to pick fresh fruit for donation.



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