One of the best things about native plants is how they attract and sustain our native birds!  Here’s a chance to learn more in a talk  + walk up Kennesaw Mountain. This is a great location for learning about birds:   Kennesaw Mountain is one of Georgia’s foremost “migrant traps”, a place where a high number and variety of migrating songbirds can be seen and heard in spring and fall. During the rest of the year, good numbers of breeding (or wintering) resident birds are found here. This workshop will use Kennesaw Mountain as a backdrop to explore the relationship between birds and native plant species and the importance of conserving one to protect the other. We will try to identify both birds and native plants found on the walk up the road to the top of the mountain and discuss bird behaviors that we observe. We should see late migrants as well as resident breeders in full nesting and chick-rearing mode.  
The workshop leader, Vinod Babu, is a researcher at Georgia Tech and a GNPS Board member who has been leading walks for Atlanta Audubon Society for the past few years, with a growing interest in the important interdependence between birds and the native plant species they depend on. 
This workshop is free and open to GNPS members only.  This is a free workshop, but registration is required here.

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