Do you know which edible plants are native to our area? Do you have a vegetable garden at home that you hope will flourish from a vibrant, diverse, natural ecosystem? If so you’ll want to join us. Learn about edible plants and the non-edible natives that function to increase yields naturally in your fruit and vegetable gardens.

We’ll also learn how to identify Native Edible Plants in the wild.

This event is brought to you by the Intown Atlanta chapter of the Georgia Native Plant Society and is sponsored by Emory University’s Oxford College and will take place at the Student Center 801 Wesley Street Oxford, GA 30054.

Register for the presentation here.  Although this is a free event, your donations are much appreciated to help us continue to offer quality Intown Atlanta GNPS programs and activities.

Your speakers are:

Emily Allred

Halfwisearce (instagram)

Emily has grown food and native plants on her half acre residential property for more than a decade. She is especially interested in plants that are both native and edible. She is now collaborating with Applied Community Ecology and The Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve to plant a native food forest that will include plants that provide sustenance for humans, and the local ecology including vital insects.

Attendees will learn from Emily’s deep experience with native plants you can grow for edible produce and other natives that make great companion plants for attracting pollinators and deterring pests.

Josh Wayne

Healthyforager (Instagram)

Josh began his foraging journey eleven years ago, hoping to find edible, medicinal, and sacred mushrooms. With the help of mentors in the Atlanta and Athens areas, he deepened his connection with the plants and animals that inhabit the Georgia Piedmont. He has foraged, prepared, and consumed over 100 species of mushroom and an additional 100 species of plants from the southeast. Josh serves as a World-bridger and Sacrament Forager for Whole Inc. and works to connect people to their plant, mushroom, and animal ancestors. Josh leads hikes to share his deep knowledge.

The presentation will include raffles for a hike with Josh and other related goodies.

After the presentation in Oxford’s beautiful new student center, take a short walk to the farm for a preview plant sale!

Thanks to Oxford College of Emory University for hosting us and preparing a presale of their planned plant sale for us.


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