POY 2021 voting will take place from November 1st – 30th at midnight.  The nominees are:

Click on all of the links above, or scroll down this page to view and “read more” about each nominated plant,  being certain to go to the next page (because not all of them are on that first page). Make your choice carefully, because you only get one vote. (Come late November, if you are uncertain about whether you voted, simply try again, and it will let you know that you cannot fill out the form a second time, if you had in fact already voted.)

All votes will be cast online, by going to this link:
https://gnps.z2systems.com/survey.jsp?surveyId=11&  (If clicking on the link does not work for you, cut and paste into your browser.)

You must be a member, and you must log in to vote.  (The login page is reached from the link near the upper right corner at gnps.org.)

  • If you are NOT a member, but wish to join, go to https://gnps.org/get-involved/become-member/ and your voting privileges will begin immediately if you join online, including privileges for family members in a family account.
  • If you ARE a member, but cannot log in because you have forgotten your login name or password, click the “I forgot my login name or password” link on the login page. You must provide the same email that you used to create your membership. Let us know at membership@gnps.org if we can help.
  • If you ARE a member, and you have never created an online account, go to this link or find the “Don’t have an account yet?   Create account” link on the login page given above.  (You will need to do this for online renewal, anyway.)

The nominated plants will be described again in the November newsletter, with another reminder for you to vote.  Questions specifically about the Plant of the Year program can be directed to plantoftheyear@gnps.org.


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