Scientific Name:

Heuchera americana

Common Name:

Coral bells

Scientific Name Pronounciation:

HEW-ker-a a-mer-ih-KAY-na

Plant Type:


Plant Hardiness Zones:


Plant Hardiness Zone(s):

Usual Size:

12-24 in. H (with flower stalk) x 12-18 in. W


Small greenish-purple bell-shaped flowers drooping from short branching stems; stamens tipped with orange anthers; flowers have 5 petals, 5 sepals and 5 stamens.

Bloom Time Notes:

Late Spring


Evergreen 7-9 shallowly lobed, toothed and heart-shaped basal leaves; 3-4 inches wide; each leaf has a long stalk and grows from base of plant; leaves hairy underneath.


A capsule


Small bees visit the flowers

Natural Habitat:

Dry, upland woods and rocky hillsides.


Seeds; division; leaf cuttings

Bloom Time:

Sun or Shade:

Companion Plants:

Cultural Notes:

Coral bells (Heuchera americana) grows in part shade to shade; acid, rich, rocky soil; moist to dry soil conditions. The root is thick and almost woody. Over time a population can grow to a ground cover effect.

Note: Can be confused with Tiarella (Foam Flower) when not in bloom; both are in the Saxifragaceae family. In the nursery trade the two plants are hybridized to create "foamy bells" known as Heucherella.

Other Common Names: Alumroot


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