Scientific Name:

Tiarella cordifolia

Common Name:

Foam flower

Scientific Name Pronounciation:

tee-uh-RELL-a kor-di-FOH-lee-uh

Plant Type:


Plant Hardiness Zones:


Plant Hardiness Zone(s):

Usual Size:

6-12 in. H X 8-12 in. W


White to pinkish flowers loosely arranged on a stalk; multiple stalks grow from each clump

Bloom Time Notes:



Semi-evergreen, oval to heart shaped, about 4 inches across and 5 to 7 lobed; some plants have dark markings around the veins and most have a bronzy fall color.


A capsule


The early flowers support native bees.

Natural Habitat:

Found growing in the edges of creeks, in seeps or other low, moist locations in rich woods


Multiplies naturally via short rhizomes, so division is the easiest method of propagation.

Bloom Time:

Sun or Shade:

Companion Plants:

Cultural Notes:

Foam flower (Tiarella cordifolia) grows in partial to full shade in a humusy soil that stays fairly moist; not drought tolerant, but makes a good ground cover in moist locations. When planted in masses, the flowering stalks make a nice show; the leaves are interesting, particularly those with markings on them.

Several cultivars are sold in the nursery trade and Tiarella is often hybridized with its relative Heuchera to produce a plant called Heucherella.

Other Common Names: False Miterwort


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