Scientific Name:

Acer rubrum

Common Name:

Red maple

Scientific Name Pronounciation:

(AY-ser ROO-brum)

Plant Type:


Plant Hardiness Zones:


Plant Hardiness Zone(s):

    Usual Size:

    40-60 ft. H X 25-45 ft. W


    Small red flowers in dense clusters

    Bloom Time Notes:

    Early spring


    Opposite; triangular shaped with palmate lobes


    Paired red or pink winged samara "helicopter" about 3/4 inch long


    Pollen for insects, seeds eaten by birds and small mammals

    Natural Habitat:

    Low, rich woods; along the margins of lakes, marshes, and swamps; in wet thickets; on floodplains and stream terraces



    Bloom Time:

      Sun or Shade:

        Companion Plants:

        Cultural Notes:

        Red maple has nice fall color; flowers are somewhat showy in late winter to early spring; good shade tree; tolerates some air pollution; grows in most soil types and moisture levels; a number of cultivars are available in the nursery trade (such as 'October Glory').

        Best in moist, fertile, loamy soils but also grows in dry, rocky, upland soil.

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